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@mspatmac wrote:

The Szish List is so unique and enjoyable.  A lovely host who is so knowledgeable, well spoken  and sure has the credentials to back it up.  She has, for the most part, who understand fashion.  I would hate to see her paired with silly ladies who can't hold a candle to her or forced into selling gadgets.  A primetime fashion show that plays to her strengths  would be most welcome. 

@mspatmac   I'd love to see her take over the Fashion Night's In spot.

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Katrina brings me back to actually watching the Q. 

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I love Katrina. I studied fashion in college and she understands and interprets fashion very well. Love her show and enjoy listening to her. I wish she had additional shows in primetime to watch as well.
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She knows her stuff!Lovely lady enjoy watching her,No crazy talk,just fashion

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@Shanus   That would be perfect as long as they leave her alone and let her do her thing.

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Love watching her shows, no screaming, no acting silly. LOVE her, my favorite host.

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I enjoyed her show and this time she gave all the models sizes, etc.  full information with no silliness.  Thank you.


 Hope they do not 'pair' her with another host as then all the talk about everything except the product comes back.

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@Memberinnj wrote:

Love watching her shows, no screaming, no acting silly. LOVE her, my favorite host.

@Memberinnj, I completely agree.  I am not fond of loud people, and I don’t watch a shopping channel to be entertained.  I so appreciate Katrina’s refined style, as well as her fashion sense.

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Impeccable style. Knowledge. Calm. Educated. Well spoken.
Enjoy everything about the presentations. Keeps the chatter to a minimum. I'm sure she has red carpet stories to tell, yet has the class and respects the privacy of others, not to. No nose flicking, toe scrubbing.
Lordy, please gut FNI, recreate it, with Katrina at the helm.
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She's too prim and proper acting, too stiff, phoney acting to me.  At least she has toned down her extreme makeup and hair do.