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@catch8 I had those same thoughts about Katie once they "demoted" her.  It's really a shame that these ladies are not given some better time slots to show their "stuff".  I'm quite tired of JC every day and would love to see Katie take some of her time.  (I'm just not a JC fan at all.). How can they meet a "quota" (if there is such a thing) if they are not given a fighting chance?  Middle of the night (for extended periods)  and "social media" person doesn't hack it, IMHO.  

I think I recall that Katie McGee received immense accolates for her presentations when she started in the wee hours of the morning.  Oodles and oodles of praise about her style, professionalism and general knowledge of products.  Then, I remember them moving her to the morning hours that I thought was a huge promotion and a chance for her to establish herself with management.  Then, I didn't see her anymore.  Katie McGee seemed to disappear.  I wonder what happened....



They sent her to Q2....she was on at various times there....and after Jill Bauer left she got stuck with the late night slot with a home show which presented mostly items that had previously been shown many times (apparently that apparently no one else wanted to buy....)

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Re: Katie McGee

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I hadn't heard that Mary Nelson had left - I saw the FB post about her illness but didn't realize she wasn't on - considering she had all of those cooking shows - it made me wonder why. I liked her as a host - far better than some of the people who are still hosting that I won't bother to watch.


@GinaV24  I think you may have mixed up three different hosts in your post.  Yes, Mary Nelson has been gone for months now.  She & her husband needed to relocate back to his (or her) hometown for family reasons.


Rachelle McCray was either let go or left unceremoniously sometime after her last show last Thursday.  Yes, she had been out for quite sometime dealing with a medical issue; she returned mid-January.


I don't know who you are referencing about all those cooking shows.  Neither of those two hosts had an abundance (if any) cooking shows.  Katie McGee didn't either (yes, she was let go as well).

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Maybe she is referencing Mary DeAngelis. She had been out for most of January due to thyroid cancer surgery and she had a lot cooking shows, both by herself and with David V.
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I follow Mary Nelson on Instagram. She seems to be doing well. I continue to be in awe of her home fix up/remodel skills. She said she is self taught, kudos to Mary!