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Oh, I'm a big Katie McGee fan. too.  Love to hear her talk about her dog, Norman!

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Social Media host  thing is so unnecessary to start with , I don't know why they are bringing that back 

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@blackhole99 wrote:

If anyone should be worried about getting the axe it's Mary Nelson. I thought CP was more talented that she is, even my husband cannot stand MN's selling style and that shaky voice and he doesn't even watch QVC. I think KM is a good host, but she is not memorable and that may be her kiss of death.

@blackhole99  I think the exact opposite, and more importantly, I believe so does QVC.  Mary Nelson has already been elevated to many, many shows, and even the AM Style show (on Q2 every week) with her name in the title, just like Leah’s name is on the AM Style show on the regular channel.  No social media hosting for Mary. 


I don’t even notice her voice anymore; she has turned out to be a fantastic host who is always prepared and has a great sense of humor and decorum.

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I still can't believe they let Cathy go. After a little bit of a shaky start she became so easy to watch and listen to. She loves cooking and I'd love to have seen her doing a cooking show instead of Mary DeAngelis. There was no screeching, no made up language, no rude interrupting, no over the top hair or makeup, she always looked neat, she was natural in every way. Here's hoping she finds happiness & success elsewhere and finds having been let go a blessing. 

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I reeeally enjoyed Cathy -- I normally only turn on QVC early mornings and she was usually on.  She was calm (hard to find on QVC these days) and explained every item perfectly.  I liked her a lot!


Same with Katie McGee.  Loved her and Gabrielle doing the early morning fashion shows together. So disappointed when they were gone and stopped watching early mornings.  What happened to Gabrielle?  Loved her!


There are only 3 of the long-time hosts that I can even tolerate any more.  Which is good because it keeps me from watching QVC.  If I don't watch, I don't buy.  Too much high-pressure, hard-sell going on.   

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Re: Katie McGee

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Wow, this is really too bad that Cathy is no longer a host. She was one the better ones among all those who are new. They should think about doing away with the Brit guy Anthony. DO not like him at all, he's terrible. He never seems to know what's going on, what he's selling.


I really enjoyed Cathy - best to her in her next endeavor.


Katie McGee - I used to see her often, I don't see her that much anymore anywhere on Q,Q2, nor Q3.

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I totally agree on J.C.  Will not watch her.  She is just so full of herself that I find it disgusting.

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I wondered, too! I liked Katie McGee.  I enjoyed her presentations and thought she did a good job. The new "powers to be" have made quite a few changes and maybe Katie bore the brunt of the lower ratings/sales in the am slot with those changes. It's too bad.

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@Fressa - Just to make sure there's no confusion: Nothing happened to Katie McGee; she continues to host her own shows and serve as the social media cohost on YHJ. It is Cathy Pedrayes who is no longer with QVC.

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I know, pdlinda; I LOVED her on the Monday morning style edition and I believe on the Friday morning fashion edition also; then they suddenly moved her.  SHE WAS GREAT with fashions on QVC Main!!!