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Kathy Levilne is advertising Nutrisystem on HSN.  wow she looks terrific the same Kathy .


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Ty I've always enjoyed her & yes she's still a favorite!


A true lady🙂

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Watching her now.Love her. She's been on HSN before representing Nutrisystem.

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Don’t care for Nutrisystem but looking forward to seeing Kathy.
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I've always loved Kathy.  She looks her always, her appearance is spot-on!

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Thank you.  It's good to know she's stilll around.

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I saw Nutrisystem is their special today, but didn't know Kathy represented the plan. Good for her! Does anyone recall her age?

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Oh, my! So good to see her.Looks great! Brings back memories of good old QVC.


Isn't there someone with a nic about Kathy fan?

Hope they see her!

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Thanks for sharing this info! I really like her, and would love to have seen her presentation. Hopefully, she will be on again soon.🤞



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Kathy is now 69.