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I always liked Kathy. She was one of the better hosts. 

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@Shelbelle wrote:

Kathy is now 69. 

@Shelbelle   69???  Wow she looks great.  I know she had work done but she looks like she did when she left.   Marie face don't move anymore.  She needs to slow down on the face stuff?  How old is Marie?   

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When she was a host I found her overbearing. I don't think people who have extensive plastic surgery and overly dyed hair "look great", rather they look, well, plastic. So all of this adoration is sad. 

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Not totally sure but I want to say somewhere in her late 60's maybe, 69?

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Marie Osmond is 61

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Loved Kathy back in the day on the Q, especially when she hosted with Joan Rivers! She was on ShopHQ a few years back when it was Evine as a vendor! She's had a lot of work done but she looks good!

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Kathy and Joan were hysterical together, I loved those shows!  Laughter is so good for all of us.

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She was the host when I made my first QVC purchase - years ago.


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Not a fan. I stopped and watched her for a few minutes when I was channel surfing- I do not watch HSN typically.  She was so incredibly rude and seemed completely disinterested. 

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Completely disagree. I find her to be extremely phoney