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@BoopOMatic wrote:

Just what the world needs, more booze.

Smiley LOLSmiley LOLSmiley LOL

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Omg why isn't she with Julia Cearley who is the expert on cocktails and wine. Kathie Lee would adore her zest for alcohol
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I don't buy wines at "celebrity" suggestions. I fell for some of Martha's wines years ago and vowed then never to do it again. I was channel surfing yesterday and saw that Isaac was hawking wines. I've never been pleasantly surprised at any of these wines. IF, and yes I meant all caps, I were to like Kathie Lee, I still would pass on her suggestions.

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Kathie lee gifford is an easy pass for me. Won't be watching, not a fan of her. She can slap her name on as many products as she wishes. I won't be wasting my money on her.