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As soon as I see her on air, I turn the channel....

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@Browneyedgirl wrote:

As soon as I see her on air, I turn the channel....

Kerstin is never on when I watch a bit at night but I know how you feel.  I turn the channel on Jane T. and Shawn regardless of what the product line is.

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I do enjoy how very excited she is about being a presenter; clearly she LOVES her job. And the way she gets emotional about certain things? SO heart - warming!


But she does need to calm down a bit and speak slower.  It's often difficult to follow along with her and people may be missing important information. 

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......and she constantly cuts off the vendors and the poor folks that are calling in. She is uber annoying with all her fake aw shucks routine of .."your worth it" "good for you" "be healthy" "do it for you" lines. Ugh. 

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Along with slowing down she could also use someone to teach her how to dress professionally.  Maybe a few lessons with Nancy Hornbeck or Pat James.  I guess I plain do not like to watch her at all so I always have to turn her off too no matter what.  Each to their own.


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A carbon copy of Shawn.  Also, the hair and clothes.  Someone needs to give both a mega makeover.


The blog that Shawn is in with Carolyn Gracie when Carolyn was getting her hair cut a few days ago.  Lord help  us all if we go out looking like shawn did.  Does she not have any pride or respect for her husband.


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Agree with the styling point...both could use some help in that department....

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I haven't been a member of the Forums for very long and I really appreciate all of the tips everyone shares.  I don't like to be critical but in this case, I have to agree with everyone.  I was watching the last part of AM Style and seriously, when Saturday Morning Q came on I was going through my email and realized that I was typing faster (and making mistakes I normally don't) in my email replies!  Kertin's hyper-ness is so distracting that I realized that is why I was typing so fast!


Surely the person who moderates the forums (if it's done in real time) will see this and communicate to the studio to ask her to slow down.  I've muted the TV for the moment until I finish at my computer and then I really can't keep the channel on QVC any longer.  I love that there are two full days of fashion, but this show is a real turnoff simply due to the host's hyper-ness.  


I've only seen this host a few times.  I usually watch AM Style and after that I'm doing other things on Saturday mornings.  I check the program guide to see if there is something I want to see "live" but I do my ordering online.


However, the few times I've had the Q on when this host is doing a show, I've noticed that she is typically a more hyper kind of host; but today is really beyond what one should be expected to watch and her sense of style just doesn't seem to fit with doing fashion, beauty or jewelry shows.  Maybe the Q should have made some changes in hosts and program names (leave out Saturday Morning Q) to fit the theme of the day today.

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I watch something else if SHE is selling.

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I distinctly remember when everyone said Kirstin was boring, and looked like she hated the job. I thought the same thing.

Then after reading those remarks, all of a sudden she had this over the top zest for everything.
It was for sure overkill.


If she could only reach a happy medium, she would be fine. Actually, she's quite good, but just needs to be turned down a decible or so!

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