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Re: Just watching the Luminaire presentation

@Witchy Woman wrote:

Not to beat this drum again, but at one time, I probably had 25 of these candles.


All died in less than 2 years.


My Candle Impressions are still going.


And, yes, Luminaire are too expensive.  Maybe I had a bad batch, but I won't buy them ever again.


The vendor probably had to talk fast to convince buyers they were worth the cost.


We must have received the same batch!  Just threw 2 more out this weekend.  On the other hand, I have a bunch of some off brand from Costco that I've had for years and they're still going strong.  I didn't necessarily get what I paid for!

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Re: Just watching the Luminaire presentation

On one of my outdoor Luminaras the flame tip broke off.  It crumbled like it had gotten brittle from the elements over time.  The LED inside still lights up, but it just isn't the same with no flame tip to reflect the light, so I retired that candle.  My others are going strong, thank goodness.


Look into MIrage Gold (made by Candle Impressions) if you are interested in trying other brands.  I am very impressed with a pair of them I just received from Amazon last week.  I can't speak yet to their longevity, but CI has a reputation for making quality long-lasting flameless candles, so hopefully these will last also.