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Re: Just my observation: Is ITKWD going by the "wayside" (JMO)

@Othereeeen wrote:

You gotta wonder.....on some sites you read how people don't cook as much as before, so who is buying all these blenders, processors, mixers, choppers, HEAVY multiple piece dish sets, serving bowls, platters, knives, shears, etc etc etc???


WHO is making all that hot soup with the ear splittingly loud Vitamix??????????


Easier ( and quieter) to open a can.


Couple that with the thousands who are retiring every day, who now have time to evaluate all the junk they've bought over a lifetime that they used ONE TIME and pushed it into the back of the cupboards...that they now have to deal with...along with the realization of how much you spent on all that unused clutter.....


I'm retired, and my friends who are retired seem to all be getting rid of all the duplicate and useless "stuff" they've accumulated...Think of all the single people who live alone after kids leave, a spouse dies or a divorce...who needs fifty sheet sets, 30 blankets or throws, or enough dishes and utensils that would supply a restaurant, or worst of all, all those large-footprint plastic Chinese made "gadgets"....



It seems the older you get, the more you rely on the "old reliables" in your use the same things over and over again...and forget the gadgets that were supposed to make life so easy breezy....



I chuckle when I see David present ANOTHER  implement advertised that chops or mixes or yada yada yada....95% of what you need to cut can be done with a 4" paring knife, or, if REALLY necessary, a "chef's knife"....LOL......


I'd rather have the money in my retirement account than a bunch of 400 dollar mixers, 500 dollar blenders, 300 dollar coffee makers, ..... ANYTHING that is made of cheap plastic and consists of a million pieces to store or wash, or the newest hyped stuff ..$700 pot and pan sets that,  David assertsbreathlessly "I own in my kitchen!!!!!"


Might as well just donate the CASH you'd spend on this stuff to the Salvation Army,,,it's where most of it will end up anyway...!!!!


Actually...they are selling the "idea" that one will have large warm family dinners with heaping bowls of home-made mashed potatoes or some casserole that took hours to prepare and cook.( in your countertop oven don't forget!!!)...or that many people are making HUGE batches of cookies for the kids or people who may "drop in" for a visit......



And my favorite....drum roll.....the "Smoker" shown with about 100 pounds of meat smoking away on 4 shelves......yep..something I need TWO of!!!!


I made a huge batch of cookies with my Kitchen Aid mixer about 15 years ago. I still have some left to use up in case my gift closet goes dry and I need to give something to the hordes that drop in unannounced....



(ANd because I don't use that mixer enough to EVER have justified it's purchase price, the bowl lift mechanism no longer works. I was surprised at this because I think I made about two batches of anything in it before it got pushed into a closet for fifteen years. I fell for the "idea" and not the reality.)


Cooking shows will go the way of ornaments, quilts, real gold jewelry, stuffed animals and Tiffany-Style lamps.  If it doesn't have a screen or charger attached to it, people don't want it today.



Rant over.


@Othereeeen, you are joking; right?

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Re: Just my observation: Is ITKWD going by the "wayside" (JMO)

Yes I think "cooking shows" are going away...have you watched the Food Network lately? More moronic shows every week....going the way of WE TeeVee...the basest, stupidest ideas that don't even remotely have to do with "cooking"  (IE: "Celebrity FIght Match Using a Spatula and a VIking Range!!!! Tune in tonight to see who will battle it out!!! Rachel Ray hosts")


And of course I'm "joking" about the cookies...just making the point that MOST people don't need a professional bowl lift mixer to make a few cookies.


Now...if you want to make 1200 cookies in one batch, that's a whole 'nother thing!!!!



Just saying I fell for all the hype.


Obviously people are still buying off ITKWD show, or it'd be off the line up already...but it IS getting shorter and shorter in duration. I guess we've achieved Peak Mixer or Peak Vitamix in this country.....


JOKE!!!! Sheeeeesh.

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Re: Just my observation: Is ITKWD going by the "wayside" (JMO)



very interesting BUT very true your observations! (BTW did my spouse call you😉Lol)


I had dinner with several friends this evening and most of us came to the conclusion -- we can part w/75% of our kitchen things! I admit my Cooks Essentials are 15+ years old & Techique HA are 10+ : certainly showing their age -- I ordered new cookware, tired of sticking stuff!


Its just the 2 of us yet I can't for the life of me give up cooking / baking -- although eating out (healthy places) really is a better option savings wise as food is high but I can't justify like my friends eating out everyday.  Perhaps when it's just me I will.


Yes, I think those big mixers, Vitamix, etc. are great tools if you use them. My KA is 15 years old and works like a "mule" only at the holidays😊 This is one thing I would never part with.


and yes "downsizing" or "purging" is great if one is disciplined not to buy more....


Food Network is horrible all reality shows OR repeats from years ago!


I enjoyed your point of view as it makes sense to me! 😁

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Re: Just my observation: Is ITKWD going by the "wayside" (JMO)




I read somewhere here that kitchen sales were down on QVC.. plus a number of the products you see can found much cheaper at TJMaxx. Also..As others have said, we just don't need that much clutter in our lives anymore. One knife can handle much of what you need to do, plus less to clean !!!!

There is a site "uncommon goods" its pricy, but has really unique items including things for your kitchen ... maybe QVC buyers could look into more unique usefully items. I remember the Q would travel across the county finding regional items - what happened to that series?


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Re: Just my observation: Is ITKWD going by the "wayside" (JMO)

David hasn't been there as long as several other significantly older hosts.  Why would you expect him to be retiring soon?

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Re: Just my observation: Is ITKWD going by the "wayside" (JMO)

I bet David could retire off his cookbook alone.
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Re: Just my observation: Is ITKWD going by the "wayside" (JMO)

Well, rant on, but the world's likes, dislikes and needs (and opinions aren't necessarily those of you and your friends. The world might be just as dismissive of your opinions, wants and needs as you are of others'.


There are at least two networks devoted 24/7 to cooking and many more who feature cooking and food frequently and prominently. I don't think food - its preparation, tools, cooking or enjoyment of, is going away any time soon, lol.


People buying gadgets they don't need? That's been going on for about 150 years at least, and applies to all kinds of things, not just the kitchen.

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Re: Just my observation: Is ITKWD going by the "wayside" (JMO)

well I'll agree with you on many things in your post, but my Kitchenaid mixer gets used a lot so personally I can't get on board with you there, but then again, I enjoy baking.
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Re: Just my observation: Is ITKWD going by the "wayside" (JMO)

I am tired of the same items being presented everyday and every week in these shows SNOOZE FEST..

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Re: Just my observation: Is ITKWD going by the "wayside" (JMO)

I don't see David leaving ,he enjoys his job which is clearly evident.Stop reading to much into a tv  guide.I personally enjoy watching David.