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There is no difference in vendor interaction between hosts.

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Re: Julia Cleary

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@corita wrote:


Katie McGee was boring imo. She lacked that energy and spark. Julia is just tons of fun always having a good time. Let's also remember Julia has only been here 18 months. Shes come such a long way and has great potential. The audience loves her and she's only getting more popular


     How do you know the audience loves her!!!  I certainly don't!!


because he knows everything about every female's his passion......sometimes i wonder........

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Re: Julia Cleary

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I made the same comment about JaneT with another vendor, just as the vendor was about to make an important point about the product....and it was a silly story not even an update on the numbers......some hosts view their Q Shows as a personal talk show instead of presenting products for sale.....That's Why I prefer hosts like Leah...she's personable yet gives us important product information and let's the vendor speak something Julia and JT could learn from

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QVC has 24 hosts.  So, there is something for everybody.  With this particular host, I do not see and appreciate what jonnysbro sees and appreciates. 


She hasn't made to it to the "big time" and be given morning, afternoon or evening hosting duties.  Even though she was moved into Stacy's old gig as David's sidekick, she's still only on in the wee hours of the morning.

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I would love to see Julia sub for David Venable when he's away. Cooking and food shows would be a total blast with her. She had worked in hospitality its a perfect chance to us what she's got. I hsvent seen the Q hire a new host who really is multi talented in so many ways. She truly comes on the air with literally no fear or sense of nervousness
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I honestly don't understand how she landed this position on QVC. Who at the Q thought that she would be a better fit than Antonella and the other hosts who got the boot! 

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I enjoy Julia very much.  She has improved tremendously IMHO and I like her energy.

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Your description describes Shawn.

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I watched Julia doing a Denim&Co show with Gary. Gary could carry a lump of clay through a show, but he was finding it difficult.