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I am starting to think Josie owns QVC..she is on all the time . does she live there ?



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Amazes me how much she sells every time she's on!


If I weren't so determined to use my my still too-big stash of serums and lotions, I would have ordered several things today.


Got sane when I realized I wouldn't even open them for months, but I had to turn off the TV to control the itch to buy..

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Really gross how she dips her fingers in that greasey stuff with dirt under her nails. 

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Beautiful person.......amazing products. Why not?
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I saw her for a few seconds. She looked awake. Sometimes she doesn't. I did not notice sequins today lol
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I heard she had bought a house in Westchester near QVC. I use argan oil but I buy it at Trader Joes at a very reasonable price ( about $7). TJ also has a Rose Oil Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream in a tin tube just like the French one but at a much lower price.

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No, I think Philosophy owns QVC! Or maybe IT cosmetics? Or is it Dooney & Burke? Repeats, repeats, repeats.Yawn, boring, stale tv.

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Re: Josie again?

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Josie is a beautiful woman.

What I do not understand is all of you people who are Josie haters.  Why is that?

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I am upset that she no longer hawks her 19 oz whipped argan oil.  That size is not on her website either. icon_exclaim.gif

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I just checked out her body butters online and for someone who supposedly sells so much product, the reviews are mostly 3 stars. I do like her tanning oil, but I really don't watch her shows.