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Re: Jill Bauer

I wish her the best and she is leaving on a high note.  I understand Jill wants to have time to be with her family and that is fine.  I'm sure a lot of thought was put into the decision.  


Her time will be her own to do as she pleases, , to devote time to family and friends and not have to stick to a schedule !


We leave behind lots of great memories but we also move forward to make new ones!

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Re: Jill Bauer

Sad isn’t that Jill Bauer is leaving but 25 years of unstable hours and with a family life would be hard.  I don’t blame her.  Jill has a sweet ,charming personable personality that shines. I’m happy for her and I’ll miss her kind face and heart. But I wish you well Jill and send you Blessing good health and I believe your doing the right thing. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your children. You’ve earned it. Put your feet up and let the sun shine upon you 🙏💕♥️🌷. 

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Re: Jill Bauer

I was sad to hear this. She has always been my very favorite. I have enjoyed her soft, smooth, sweet & professional style over the years.  I will truly miss her, but I believe that she is doing the right thing by wanting to spend more quality time with her loved ones.  Life is all about priorities.

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Re: Jill Bauer

Maybe Jill just wants to do something else and is bored. 25 years is a long time in the industry and she doesnt want to regret not doing something else.
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Re: Jill Bauer

Im sad to see her go. I liked her shows an she was a host I could watch. She was always well prepared an didn't use crazy antics to sell items.

I remember her hosting a food show once and she cometted how much she loved her job and would never quit. I wonder if she was offered an early retirement package? I know her step daughter is already in college. 

I suppose they are making room for a brand new cast of show hosts and weeding out all the great ones. When all the 'old timers'are gone I for one will not be watching. There isn't a good one in the bunch.


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Re: Jill Bauer

@grayhairdontcare wrote:

I just watched as Jill announed she is leaving the Q June 12th. I have to say I'm going to be sad to see her go.....

Wow she is one of the really good hosts.  I have always loved her voice.  She will really be missed.  But good for her that she can retire.  I think the hosts jobs can be grueling.  I remember when Lisa left she commented on how there were endless meetings.  I know they get a lot of perks with the job, they all seem to take nice vacations. However doing this type of job for over 20 years would be enough.  I wish her happiness and contentment.Smiley Happy

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Re: Jill Bauer

Wishing Jill,

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Re: Jill Bauer

Here goes another top notch host!!  I didn't like it when she was shuffled over to Q2 for her "You're Home w/Jill" show.  I wondered then if she would tolerate that.  I think Q is trying to push the older, much more talented, hosts out.


However, I understand her reasons.  Her Mom is getting older and her Dad is gone, Trevor playing baseball and Kylie in college.  I understand.  I will miss her terribly. 

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Re: Jill Bauer

I will miss Jill too, but since I watch very little programming anymore, I don’t even remember the last time I saw her. It seems the shows I felt were her niche, jewelry and home, have been put on the back burner, and I don’t watch the other Q channels. I hope she enjoys every single moment when she doesn’t have to set the alarm for some crazy shift. Wishing her the best!

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Re: Jill Bauer

I had recorded that Philosophy show, but hadn't watched all of it.  I thought Jill looked especially pretty in that pink outfit with the white pants.  Her complexion is always beautiful and she just looked terrific.  When I came to this forum today, I was shocked and disappointed that she was the Jill that was leaving.  (I thought it might be the "GILI Jill" which would have been okay.)   I can truly understand Jill Bauer's reasons for leaving.  I will miss her as I remember her first day at QVC and she has always been so professional and a favorite of mine.   I hope she enjoys her time with her family.  I think her family is very important to her.  I wish her all the best in life and she will truly be missed by QVC viewers.