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Re: Jill Bauer

Jill is one of the ones  you don't want to see go - she is one of the best - but I can understand and wish her well.  She definitely will be missed

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Re: Jill Bauer

I saw Jill when on the tour, she was very impressive, it’s a demanding job!

Thank you Jill for many years of hosting!

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Re: Jill Bauer

@three cees wrote:

Jill leaving is a big disappointment for me.


I will miss her and her wonderful home shows.


She speaks sensibly and honestly.


One of the best that QVC has will soon be gone!

Yes i agree, will miss her, she is one of the best !


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Re: Jill Bauer

Perhaps she has reached a point in her life where she can slow down a little and enjoy life, nothing wrong with that.🌻

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Re: Jill Bauer

Wish she would stay on part time. Goodbye to a professional and hello to an air head (just speculating on what they will hire).

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Re: Jill Bauer

Here's a link to Jill's Facebook page; she's wearing pink in the announcement video:


(Note that you do not need to be a Facebook member to view this—just click the link like you would any other, and if a box pops up prompting you to log in or join, simply close it and continue browsing.)

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Re: Jill Bauer

Best wishes to her 😊

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Re: Jill Bauer

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I will miss her. She always was professional and gave excellent presentations. The Q has changed and has become stale. Some of the newer hosts are hard to watch. I remember when I use to watch all the time, now maybe 10 minutes a week.  I wish her the best going forward. 

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Re: Jill Bauer

Jill is following Sharon Faetsch into the sunset.  Wonder who will be next.

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Re: Jill Bauer

I was really sad to hear that Jill is leaving. She’s always been one of my favorites. I’m happy for her that she had 25  great years at QVC and can take this time to enjoy spending more time with her family. Who knows, maybe she’ll come back as a vendor rep. It seems like a pretty sweet gig. She’s still young enough to reinvent herself. 


In general, I do sense that a generational shift is coming to the Q.  Once Mary Beth, Dan, Jane and David go, I’ll probably give up watching and just shop from the website.