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Re: Jill Bauer to represent Scott Living Mattress 4/11 on QVC

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Positively riveting...



Boy do i agree.  Guess her own attempts at branding have not worked out, so back to selling someone else's stuff.  


That electric bill at her Beach House needs to be paid.


@Reever  you really seem to have a problem with Jill having a beach house -- you mention it in a derogatory way every time a Jill thread comes up.  Why does that bother you?  


Apparently, Jill & her husband worked their tails off to afford that beach house. That's not such a rare thing.  Kudos to them!

@Caaareful Shopper 


Im all for people being successful and being able to reap the rewards from all their hardwork and being able to purchase things that make them happy.....But in this case, it was just the way Jill brought up her beach house that rubbed some viewers the wrong way....It came across as bragging rather than selling coastal theme decorating....

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