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Thank you for that observation.  I am of the opinion that a host should have a good broadcasting voice.  I wish the powers-that-be would make that a priority when hiring hosts.  I have read recently that there are three new hosts coming along.  I hope each one has a good, resonant, clear, not-too-fast, not mumbling, not mispronouncing voice!



ITA!! I wonder if perhaps thats why some of these hosts that started out in a broadcast career didnt succeed in other platforms/mediums due to their voice........

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@12andcounting     I agree.  JC's faces make me cringe and Kerstin is just a big narcissistic phony.   She loves looking at herself and posing for the monitor.   She's so phony and full of herself.  JC however is more watchable than Kerstin but that's not saying much

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I have to agree about Kerstin, she is wearing a bathing suit and kept looking at herself and twisting and turning for the camera.  She just talks so fast and is never prepared with the colors.  The only info she is focused on is how many is available and only order of the year!! 

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@mattyliz    I really like Jennifer.

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I watched for a few minutes with Jennifer and Kerstin with the sound off, I can't listen to the high pitched speed talk.  They were Technicolor orange. TV went off fast, better things to do here.

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I'm afraid when they paired JC and Kirsten together I became very tense.  Kirsten in her bathing suit was absolutely hard to take, along with Jen's speed talking.  The two speak way too fast.  And I agree regarding these people not getting professional help in their public speaking.  One Vendor came on this morning or yesterday with a bad case of Glottal Shock.  It was more than annoying, it makes it difficult for people to follow what is being said.  These are supposedly professional people, their "talking" is imperative for the sale of products.  Why aren't they being helped? 


Glottal shock is a clicking in the voice that can be heard at the onset of words that do not begin with some sort of consonant. An example of this would be when we sing or say words such as apple or every, or only. ... Approach #1 - We must start the act of singing or speaking with air first, then voice. 

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