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The Bob Mackie show with Jane and Pat was excellent.  Everyone was relaxed and in a good mood.  There was just the right amount of humor and personal anecdotes.   It was an enjoyable 2 hours.

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Bob's a class act ....or should I say Mr. Mackie !!!

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I loved the part when they were chatting and he said he was the interior

decorater at school ....


cute ....

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I love and respect Bob Mackie and have always tried to watch his shows, so I watched today, and I also must agree that both Jayne and Pat seemed different than usual, much more calm and professional. Maybe Bob brought out the best in them, or perhaps they read the criticism (mine included) and took it to heart. 

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There both condesending towards each otherSmiley Sad  I like Jane by herself but together I don't watch.  Love Bob Mackie but did not care for Pat giggleing every two seconds, fllipping her hair like she always does.

Have gotten to where I don't watch QVC much anymore just a few shows but they ruin it for me.  Sorry everyone just my opinion.

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Re: Jayne and Pat

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I really liked today's program w/Bob Mackie.  He, Pat and Jayne all interacted very well; even w/the models.  Very respectful.


I haven't seen Bob that relaxed w/hosts in a long time.  He got to talk more.  They all did a fabulous job w/all the descriptions and still had time for fun.  Very enjoyable 2 hours.  Bob is such a gentleman....class act.

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@Kachina624  I only watched the last hour.  Loved the show.  Funniest part was when they presented the button-front dress that was on a clearance price.  Either Pat or Jayne said you could unbutton the dress at the bottom more if you had nice legs.  Bob responded if you had legs like Kate and the other model you could unbutton it up to the cr*#ch.  LOL moment.

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I have always liked Pat and Jayne together. They have great chemistry and react to each other the way good friends do.

For me I’ve never noticed or observed any “cackling” or other negative comments that were made. Maybe because I like them together or alone, those things are just not evident to me.

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I won’t  watch Jayne and Pat anymore. This is just my opinion but Jayne is not the right host for this type of programming. Today she appeared , in my opinion, rude to Gary from Demin and Co.  Don’t promote that kind of hosting , she just not the kind of host I like to watch and after today will not watch that program with Jayne and Pat. 

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I do not get to see Jayne and Pat as I am working but the other day I had taped it when KIm Gravel was on and I really enjoyed it.  They work well together and it was fun to watch.  I think they are good friends.