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I think Jane should always be in the Carmindy cosmetics. They look most natural on her even with the extreme closeups.  Very smooth and not cakey. Good job.

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I agree .. they look fantastic on her ....

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and those were real close-ups ....

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It was a great show!💄💋

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I admire the way she has her eyes and lips. 

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Re: Jane and Carmindy

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I liked Jane with less darker liner and shadow, but think she had a little too much powder. That much of a matte look can be aging. On TV, it may not be obvious, but it person, a powdered (all over) face tends to settle in lines and wrinkles.


A more youthful look, if you saw Carmindy's complexion, is a bit dewey especially on the checks. She's no "spring chicken" after so many years on What Not To Wear and all the many years from then until now. 

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Didn't watch last night's show, but had it on mute in the background, and happened to notice Jane...she looked the best she's looked ever...very pretty. Didn't look close or dissect the makeup job, but overall I thought she looked fresh, younger and just so pretty last night. She sure is one of Q's most "enthusiastic", hard-working, "old guard" hosts.

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I watched last night, and really enjoyed the show! Usually I turn away from Jane, but she did a really good job last night. Her makeup looked really good as well, and Carmindy's look was beautiful. I have never tried any of her makeup, but the prices were really good!

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I missed the show but remember when Kristopher Buckle came to QVC and Jane hosted. Every time he did her makeup he took ten years off her face. She looked wonderful. Also the same was true years ago when Stacey from Models Prefer hosted with her.


I never understood why Jane didn’t stick with that look because she received so many compliments but she is involved in theater productions which use a very heavy hand and maybe that is what she is accustomed to.

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Her makeup is typically all over the place...and usually not flattering...heavy coverage, harsh colors, intense drawn on eyebrows, colorful shadows. This is the most natural she has looked....and her hair color complimented.