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Love her dress tonite.  She looks fabulous.

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I have to agree. I really do love that dress on her.

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She looks gorgeous.  Anyone know who is the designer of this fantastic dress??? Lola -- help. 😘

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@keens49 wrote:

Love her dress tonite.  She looks fabulous


@keens49 ..... sorry to disagree with you but, that dress is NOT for her .... she does not have the shape for it .... she is better off without all the flowers in the fabric & without all the fullness on the bottom!!!!!!  🙈

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The dress is too much....too overpowering for such a small lady. 

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Re: Jane Treacy

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She does look great! That dress is fabulous! 


ETA: Love the shoes too!! 

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The dress is a little too busy for me.  She always looks well put together though.

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I agree with January 121-that dress is not for her.  Reminds me of the 50's era.

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I think she looks lovely.  Her hair and make-up are especially attractive today.  And I do think the dress is beautiful.

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