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Re: Jane Treacy - Sizing

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@PJKuhnny wrote:

Let me say that I think Jane Treacy is a beautiful woman and a great host who I enjoy watching.  However, if I want to order any clothing that she is presenting, I get very confused.  I am not body slamming her because I think she has a lovely figure...and besides, what gives me the right to?    But, she was presenting an either Cuddle Duds or Barefoot Dreams top and said she was wearing a Size Small, but mentioned she usually wears "an Extra Small".  It was during that same presentation she said she wears a size 8 on the bottom.   My DIL who is about 5 foot and weighs100 pounds (maybe) wears a size Extra Small and a Size 6.  I can't figure out QVC sizing for the life of me!  LOL



Those hips and thighs are no size 8 in the real world. Must be that every Q brand she wears in an 8 runs extra large in the upper thigh area. Or is heavily spandexed. 

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I am Jane's height- 5'1" and weigh between 100-105. Depending on the item I can wear XXS-XS. 

Jane is easly 30 pounds heavier than me,,,and I often hear her say she is in a Small.

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@millieshops   LOL!  I was just using that size for my example, not saying anybody is that size.  But you're right! 

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@LuvmyLab wrote:

I do not believe that the hosts wear the size they say they do.  Who would want to admit on TV that they actually wear a size 14 for example?

Carolyn Gracie is pretty honest about the sizes she wears, IMO.

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If you are not buying an outfit for Jane, what difference does it make what size she says she is wearing?  Take your measurements and go online to the body size chart, plug in your measurements and that's the size you wear.  I do that every time I buy clothing for QVC, HSN and ShopHQ and I never have any sizing problems.  I never make assumptions because sizing can vary depending on the designer.  

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I have seen Carolyn Gracie wearing clothes that appeared too small for her. She may have accurately stated the size but should have gone up a size.

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@manny2 wrote:

It's vanity sizing. In the real world she would not wear and extra small, or small.

@manny2  ..... she can’t even wear those sizes in the QVC world ...she is more like a medium on the top & a large on the bottom.... why she chooses to say what she says is beyond me ... I can’t watch her for more than the time it takes me to grab the remote & change the channel 

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Re: Jane Treacy - Sizing

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