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@Sweet_Serenity ...  You and a few others 

start these threads about Jane over and over and each time get the same 3 to 1 response that not all shoppers are fond of her ...  Same happens with Lisa Robertson threads ...  It doesn't change my opinion of Jane ... Like the many others here, I see her and I reach for the remote.  Where you see genuineness I see a woman trying too hard and not cute ... If you want her to see your post, go to her Facebook page.

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I have been watching QVc from the beginning and can truly say that I have never seen Jane Treacy less than upbeat - she never seems to be unhappy with her job and always gets her own show (like shoe shopping) because she really puts some energy into the presentations.  She has done the same for silver jewelery, gems and for old timers like me, remember Yves Rocher?!  When I first saw Jane I don't even think she was a mom of 2 yet.  Once, she told the story of her try-out for QVC. She had to talk for 5 minutes about a regular #2 pencil!  She always makes me smile when she's on and if my feet weren't so narrow, I'd probably buy half the shoes she has on air -she makes me want them and that's what selling is all about -not just telling you the colors or reading off a card.  I think QVC now hires only ex weather girls or reporters that had the local stories, like the 4H fair.  They need more training because they are not "naturals"  Mary Beth has also been terrific - happy, upbeat, pleasant to watch, no gimmicks or stunts, sweet and kind to every caller and guest.  Your don't get a script on QVC - you have to think on your feet like the older hosts - Jane T, Mary Beth, Pat D and Jane Brown, and, of course, David V.

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I don't watch QVC very often, but when flipping through channels I notice that the host is often one of the three you mentioned. 

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