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@lovesallanimals wrote:

I was watching the Cozy presentation and Jane Brown was co-hosting from home with her daughters (who seem so lovely by the way).  She had these three paintings behind her and I was wondering if she did them herself.  I know she does paint and if those were done by her she is incredibly talented.  They were gorgeous.  

@lovesallanimals  Yes, they are Jayne's original artwork she painted herself.  I agree with you, she is very talented! 

By the way, in the Leah & Shawn co-hosted show, Leah has brought Jayne's paintings on set.  You'll notice them hanging in many of Leah's portion of the presentations. 

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@Caaareful Shopper  Thanks for the "heads up". I'll have to watch their show to see some more of Jayne's artwork. Haven't seen any since she presented LDO with that lovely oil of Jac, which was such a touching gesture. Jayne is an amazing person. 

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