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I see nothing official about GILI or Jill Martin getting a "quit" memo or no longer on QVC.  If all you have to say are suppositions then you do not need to provide your opinions.

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GILI had become a One-Act play.  I mean, how many ways can you reincarnate sherpa? The lounger, throws, and those ridiculous huge stuffed animals -- all in sherpa.  I stopped anticipating that anything interesting would launch.


Jill seems to have plenty on her plate.  Co-anchoring the 3rd hour of the Today show, her Steals & Deals, she's still a pre-game and post-game broadcaster with the New York Knicks (she gets a rest since they're not in the playoffs), and an upcoming wedding this year.  Lots to keep her busy.  She's a hard worker, I wish her the best.

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Well said @Caaareful Shopper .

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The Today Show has also run it's course.

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@32degrees Seriously? This is a forum for all of us to express our opinions. Even you.

@Caaareful Shopper The only thing I ever liked from GILI were those huge stuffed animals!!! 🤣🤣🤣
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Don't you just love it when posters tell fellow posters what they may or may not post, issued as a demand??!!!!

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Johnnyeager, I find it totally RUDE and it happens ALL THE TIME HERE!!!!

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I bought my FAVORITE heavy-weight throw from Jill's line a few years ago. It was a TSV for $20 plus dollars and came in several patterns. I bought the beautiful blush/gray/white pattern and that throw has washed and dried beautifully. The first time drying it there was next to nothing in the dryer vent. That amazed me because I've bought many throws, blankets, a few types of sheets, a lot of clothing items ....that always had some...up to a lot of lint in the dryer vent. I should go to the other post and say that was my favorite item l ever purchased from the Q and I've been buying from the Q since it started!.... I wish Jill Martin the best! 💗
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Once Lisa was gone and Jill "took over", the line was ridiculous- There wasn't one garment I would even consider... They could have done so much better with that line-My opinion. 

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@mspatmac wrote:

@Kachina624 wrote:

I think the line has about run its course.



I think it ran it's course when Lisa left.  

@mspatmac @Kachina624 @Skyegirl21 


I think that too....I think Jill Martin kinda did the line in with both clothing styles and her favorite belt and home decor....I mean really a swimming pool float with that infamous fern desgin...SMH... A far cry from Lisa R's vision for G.I.L.I ...


Today Show's Jill Martin Knows How To Sell On TV -- Now She Is Building A  Lifestyle Brand On QVC

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