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@Susan Louise wrote:

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Quite a bit of an age difference. He's 36, she's not! She's a COUGAR!


@colover   LOL  My DH is about 8 yrs younger than me and we've been married 20 yrs... Smiley Very Happy

@Susan Louise @colover  My husband is 9 years younger than me. Been together around 40 years. 

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I haven't watched her that much on QVC, but I know who she is. That age difference is nothing. She is beautiful, and can still have children if she want them. Women do it all the time well into their 40's today. 

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His rep stated that they are just friends- We will see. Could care less though. He is adorable!

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He is 37 and she is 45- HARDLY, a cougar!

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The original post is from back in May. Wonder if they are still together.

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they just don't go together ,  seem so opposite would never have thought the2 of them  as a couple.   I know opposites attract my husband and I are very different but it sure  works !!


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If she was dating Ryan I think she would say so. She seems pretty open about her life,

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Ryan Eggold is basically the star of New Amsterdam.  I would have guessed him as older than 36.  Good for Jill!

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The is a double digit age difference between me and my husband, not a big deal.  We have been married 40+ years.

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I thought she was engaged,a huge diamond ring.

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