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Love Jill, and was watching her new facebook live shows on her new facebook page.


She has had two live chats so far.


One thing I don't understand.  So she left her HIGH paying QVC job.


Now she is just going to do videos about cooking, decorating,etc.


Those videos take a lot of work!  And she is not getting paid for them!!


So why, would you leave a high paying job, but spend so much time doing videos about cooking and entertaining, and not getting paid for the work!!


Doesn't add up.  Something is strange!

I am sure Jill got paid well during her years at Q, so I think its great she can afford  to do what she wants.  It sounds like a dream retirement.  I don't see anything strange  Besides a lot of people who retire volunteer.  You do not have to have a paycheck to do something you enjoy.  

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Money notwithstanding, Jill wanted or needed to do something different. It takes resolve to make a big change and she had her reasons. I'll miss her and YHJ, but then I still sort of miss Levine and Robertson, who seem to be doing well without the Q.



Kathty Levine was a legend. The old days of the Q were such a Golden Age. Unscripted, more variety of product great hosts and hostesses. Such a shame Barry Dillard sold QVC.

@Reever- I believe you mean Barry Diller and why is it a shame?

I think she sort of answered that question... Because the presentations used to be less formulaic, and the hosts used to be more entertaining and less annoying. Meanwhile, the product selection presented used to be more broad... The programming was actually watchable once upon a time...

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