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Love Jill, and was watching her new facebook live shows on her new facebook page.


She has had two live chats so far.


One thing I don't understand.  So she left her HIGH paying QVC job.


Now she is just going to do videos about cooking, decorating,etc.


Those videos take a lot of work!  And she is not getting paid for them!!


So why, would you leave a high paying job, but spend so much time doing videos about cooking and entertaining, and not getting paid for the work!!


Doesn't add up.  Something is strange!

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@qvc chick 


Jill is not jumping into her second act immediately.  This video activity may be a lead into something else:  either a transition stage or a sampling of her talents that bridges into what she really wants to do.


As a former career counselor,  I have worked with many highly paid folks who desire a breather before plunging back into careers....even folks who want to do something totally different even if it means lower pay.  And, then, there are folks who just want to volunteer to do whatever satisfies them on a different level.


Jill is a capable, talented, strong person who will follow her heart’s desire.  Much happiness and success to her !

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I don't think there is anything strange about wanting a change after 25 years.  Retirement is not about doing nothing.  It's the freedom to do the things you love to do when you want to do them....or not! 



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I can’t think of a better way to spend retirement....doing something you truly love and are passionate about. I’m sure Jill will get sponsorship from companies that will want advertising space on her FB page. Either way, she’s doing what she loves, what could be better than that.😊

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I think she has a very good idea of what her “second act” will be. 

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Jill has a beautiful home (judging from pics she has shown of pool and inside on occassion).  She has the beach house.  She wore a $1000 dress on her final show.  Her non-QVC outfits (while not my style) were always expensive items.  She has many couture pieces of jewelry. 


I say all this because it shows she certainly has the money to support the life she enjoys.  Plus her husband has his own business getting people to showcase their products on QVC.  So perhaps she has the luxury of taking time to pursue an interest and build it into a business. 


I have no doubt we will see a book or a sponsored you tube channel or some money-making venture stem from this current exploration into act 2.  She enjoys life's fine things so my guess is that there is money in this for her at some point.  She has many entrepreneurs around her who can advise on starting a business. 


I'm sure she will be successful---good for her!

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I guess no one really knows if she’s “getting paid” but she’s mentioned some QVC products since leaving there...on her social media posts.  Perhaps she still has some kind of arrangement with the network in terms of endorsing products.  That might explain the abundance of mentions about her new Facebook, Instagram, etc. before she’d officially left her hosting job.

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I watched too and I must say her vivacious personality really shines through. No fits & starts, no ipad scrolling, no monitor gazing, no sillyness, no fiddling with her hair, no scratching, just pure enjoyment watching and listening to her. Her confident presentations on the Q have translated right into her Facebook chats. The video did get a little fuzzy a few times but I suspect that will get squared away in short order. I predict she's going to be darn good at this. But time will tell.

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Being a social media influencer pays very well.


She has a built in fan base/followers so she can easily get sponsors to cover her start up costs and build from there.


You have to strike fast to keep your fan base.


LR did the same exact thing on her Facebook page.  She kept her followers warm while she figured out what she was going to do next.

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First off she is not retired.  She is just going to do something else.  I really think they did not renew her contract.  She was always saying she wasn't going anywhere even after the holidays and then in April she states she is leaving.  There is alot more to this.  I don't think this was her decision to leave.