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@MrSour wrote:

All true about MS. Bauer good host easy to listen to but I don't understand why the property brothers need her to sell their products. They are good speakers and could do very well without her.

@MrSour  Good point,  but I'm wondering if maybe they are too busy and are on the west coast, where as Jill is local and that might save them a lot of travel time.  Then too, people are familiar w/Jill.  Maybe so?

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@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

@Shanus  Yes, Jill has been a brand ambassador for Scott Living; her first QVC appearance was in April.  Nice job when you can get it.  I applaud her.  She's a seasoned sales presenter.



Yep. This is old news.

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@MrSour  I agree. I always liked Jill as a host but what does she add to the presentation when the two Scott brothers are presenting? 

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I like Jill...I like the property brothers.....but do we really need ....FOUR ...people to sell us sheets....these three a Q hostess........"

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Totally agree - overkill - how many presenters do you need to sell a matress for God's sake.


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I agree, the TSV launch with all three of them was ridiculous. 



Perhaps the Scott Brothers, or QVC, feel they want the star power brothers for the biggest boost for the first hour of sales that they can get.  Why Jill also needed to be there, I don't know. 



She was great on her own for the other presentations.  

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@Caaareful Shopper  I'm sorry my post confused you.  What I meant was Jill is not coming back to the Q.  I do understand she will be on as a rep for other companies.  

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I felt sorry for Jill. It seemed the brothers didn't want to give up any of their time to her. They're strong and aggressive sales people, and it was embarrassing to just see Jill hanging out. 

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I like Jill, but she went to LA to do this?  Four people to sell the TSV.  I thought they would use her locally if they couldn’t get to the east coast.  I’m sure they can afford for her to go to LA for a few TSV days, I just think it’s odd.  

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I agree that there's no need for all these sales people to sell this product.