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Courtney needs to do her shows WITHOUT JT......Courtney is great but JT needs to retire....I can't take her.....she is getting worse as she is getting oldler.  She anmd Susan Graver need to do a show togethwer as they both scream and dance around in their outfits they are trying to sell.....sorry, but to me they are just horrible.

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Please I've been watching QVC for over 20

years.  I understand the hosts have jobs but after awhile they have to move on! JT is too annoying and over sells everything after awhile

you don't believe her sales pitch! Mary

Beth, Pat and Rick who have been there awhile are so professional!  Please it's time for Jane to move on and maybe spend time with daughters she endlessly talks sbout  thank you!!! Love you QVC ♥️


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You are absolutely correct!

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I changed the channel....

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Re: J&C 6p.m. to midnight?

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It was brutal last night the the Beekman 1802 show, JT would just not them get a word in. It made my skin crawl and felt bad for them, they cound not even talk about their own product successfully. I even had it muted, and still make me feel bad for them. Courtney wasn't any better inhaling that honey & orange whipped body cream. Enought already, let the vendors present, please. 

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As others have suggested, get rid of all hosts and let the vendor do the selling. Just tell about the garment,etc. no need for any other subjects. 

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@bobby5    Its a new test QVC has instituted to see how much fortitude you have.







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Re: J&C 6p.m. to midnight?

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As much as I think @Kachina624's  post is too funny.


Jane is a super positive person who knows her stuff,  she embraces every  awful lame host Q brings in, loves, loves, loves her job and family. She has my respect. NO new host is any more tolerable than she is and least she knows what she is selling.



It's Q's programming choice's,prices, shipping, clothes,  hiring, firing that has me turning them off.

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@hopi    Jane is all those things you mention but she's also her own worst enemy with her incessant babbling.  Would you be good friends with someone who talked constantly about her kids or other things in which you have no interest?  People get sick to death of hearing about it.  She needs to zip it, then we can enjoy her again.

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@hopi "Jane is a super positive person who knows her stuff,  she embraces every  awful lame host Q brings in, loves, loves, loves her job and family."


I agree with you.  Jane also does not come across as mean spirited towards other people.  Who cares if she talks incessantly about her children, husband, dancing.  What else is she going to talk about politics and religion?