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@lgfan wrote:

@hopi "Jane is a super positive person who knows her stuff,  she embraces every  awful lame host Q brings in, loves, loves, loves her job and family."


I agree with you.  Jane also does not come across as mean spirited towards other people.  Who cares if she talks incessantly about her children, husband, dancing.  What else is she going to talk about politics and religion?  

How about just talking about the product and then letting the vendor speak? 

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Re: J&C 6p.m. to midnight?

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Yes, she could do better in describing the products and letting the vendors talk but she is obviously doing something right otherwise she would not be around for so long.

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make it a drinking game

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Re: J&C 6p.m. to midnight?

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These two are just RUDE working together.  This is regarding specifically the 4/26 show that had St Tropez on.  They both did not shut their mouths for the entire segment! I started to watch the vendor's (Sophie) face and was reading how frustrated she was.  She was shown the entire time CK just literally started having a whole separate conversation over her presentation.  I was completely shocked CK would do that! It was NOT a technical issue with sound or a failure with Skype, I could see and hear Sophie, they were just insufferable.  I tried giving it a shot, but forget it.  


Break these two up because it is not a "Tuesday Vibe" (the old title of this mess when Shawn was with JT)  that I want to receive.  It is not a positive vibe either, it is a complete trainwreck that is exhausting to witness. The blatant rudeness is deplorable (I posted before how these two rolled right over L Geller recently.)  Their behavior is unprofessional and unacceptable.

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I like Jane. She is very entertaining & knowledgeable. Some folks on this forum are downright cruel!


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She is now presenting the lug TSv and has mentioned her daughter three times in the last two minutes. I don't think people care and want to listen to this rambling. Talk about the product and give customers the information.

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Getting difficult to watch JT. She’s 60, her dad Rudy may he RIP, her girls, broadway, her cat, Disney. She is dimming CK’s light
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@bestday wrote:

I like Jane. She is very entertaining & knowledgeable. Some folks on this forum are downright cruel!


I like Jane, too, and her cheerful enthusiasm. To each her own, I guess.

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Oh, I totally agree with you, and her always trying to multiple sale products saying you need to get 2 of something, or get this with this. This is getting a little wierd with her and Courtney, her saying that they are going to have the same bag and dress when they travel, JT needs to grow up and stop hanging with Courtney.

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What?. Misery. Here is an idea: 3 hours for one host, 3 for another. Since when do experienced hosts need a sidekick? Poor Courtney.