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I really miss Shawn on Fridays with Isaac!

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they are actually talking about the clothing today

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@Browneyedgirl wrote:

I really miss Shawn on Fridays with Isaac!

ME TOO!!!!!


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I believe Shawn is with him on other shows. I think Kirsten is doing a great job with Isaac. I love that she changes into different outfits during the show. Isaac's fashion line is fabulous. I have a lot of respect for all of the hosts. It's not an easy job to sell; and more so on television where you can't skip a best to keep the viewers' attention. Imagine talking continuously for hours. They're all amazing!
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@Browneyedgirl wrote:

I really miss Shawn on Fridays with Isaac!

I definately prefer Shawn & Isaac together...more watchable!

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@January121ME THREE!!!  But you can still watch her on Monday nights.

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I like Kerstin and Isaac together! I think there's a certain adjustment phase where the hosts get to know and anticipate each other, but after that, it will be magic! I also liked how Kerstin changed clothes during the show. Isaac was on fire today. I never miss an Isaac show Smiley Happy And, who doesn't love Jacqui Stafford?!

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No she isn't ! She is trying to act like Shawn,Maybe is she were herself it would have been a good show.i had to change the channel .   Smiley Sad

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She wants to be Shawn instead being her self . She should be on at night she still has a lot to learn.There  just is something about her. In my opinion she should do the heath shows she loves to do exercises. 

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Oh please!!!!  Give me at least ONE Isaac show without SK!!!!!!  At least I can hear him talk about the designs, etc.