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Quality in several Qvc brands has vanished. Recently tried Women in Control bottoms, Turned out to be off in sizing (to large) gifted to DIL one washing inside out on delicate cold no dryer fabric pilling. I could not believe when told. Breezies Bra's two months wirer pops out. I'm not the only one this happened to. Findings on the bras are cheap and quite frankly bras useless last two months yes I know alternate bras and hand wash in cold. Two examples...yet Qvc is now available throughout several countries. What happened? Years ago outstanding performance and quality lived up to Qvc standard.
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I agree. I bought two pairs of Women In Control pants in Tall. One was the correct inseam. The other pair is so long an NBA basketball player could wear it.  I have no idea what the heck they are doing. It is way past the time I could return it. It never occurred to me to check both pairs. With it being too long, I can hem it, so I guess I should just be glad it wasn't too short.

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I've seen the quality of most products both at Q and everywhere else diminish over the decades of my life. 


I think manufacturers are doing it to keep the price point down and make it affordable. 


I'd give anything to go back about 4 decades to the quality we used to know from products. And I mean go back in the products, I don't want to go back there myself!!

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I've noticed extra thin cotton used by Denim & Co in shirts that look a bit warped and it wasn't supposed to be. To be fair, I've noticed this with Kmart's Basic Editions, too. But, I've also read Ulta has stronger Philosophy scents and shower gels and some are saying the water content in PTR retinol is higher! No more beauty for me here!

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I don't understand why inseams are so difficult to do:/

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@Sweet_Serenity  I purchased 2 bras from the Breezie brand and they didn't last 2 months. I will buy bras at Walmart for cheaper that will last longer than that. The quality in QVC is down and I think it's down in a lot of other places too.