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Can anyone help me understand what is the actual benefit to me for installing their app?? Because I don't see that it's necessary!  Thanks!  TGIF!! 

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@KaySD  I do think QVC is doing what many kinds of companies are doing--  that is offering a mobile app, etc.  Just because I might not use it doesn't mean millions of others don't..   Every one of the financial companies I deal with offers their app practicallly every day -- doesn't mean the rest of their business is closing.  

The majority of the time I am on this forum, I am on a mobile device.   If I were still buying week after week as I did when I was younger, I might well do it on the app.  I have to assume a huge percentage of shoppers younger than my 80 years want to do just that.

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I don't have a smart phone and don't understand what "streaming" is.  As long as I can see items on my computer and order from here, I'm OK.  Wouldn't even care if the channnel went off the air.  

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@banned again wrote:

@Foxxee Your whole post is a quote?  


@banned again 


No, the whole post is not a quote. 


It was based on previous research I had done on QVC when I came across the two videos where Mike George announced QVC would be targeting Millennials.  That was before he  discussed Millennials on the 2020 annual report.  See below.  My post also was based on research done on Millennial shopping behavior and favorite items they buy, and closely watching QVC.


Sorry, I do not remember exact sources of my research (several years ago) other than it was from retail news websites.  


Aren't you the one who usually or has posted  QVC's quarterly and annual reports at times? If so, do you remember this?


The 2020 annual report was where Mike George said.... 


"Millennials didn't shop as expected. They can't find us and don't have the money to pay our prices, but the runway (older buyers) is still fairly long.  












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Re: Is QVC saying good-bye?

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I agree that OVC's "target generation"  now are the, on the go, millennials.  The older gens will be left somewhat in the dust.  Prices are higher everywhere and much of QVC's "older" audiences are now entering the fixed income phase of their lives and simply don't have the discretionaly income they had while working.  So it is for me.  I started watching QVC when I was 35 and I'm now in my 70"s.  It was my "go to" place to shop and, looking back, I guess I probably spent more than a college education would cost over the span of those years.  Sady, I admit, I was an impulse buyer. But that's the "hook" with online shopping.  Although I am still working, albeit, part-time, with inflation being what it is my current income cannot support my old buying habits. Easy pay and ocassional free shipping offers little enticement. I don't want to go into hock.  I watch online and one the app but exercise great restraint these days.

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They have a long way to go if they want to target millennials. The product lineup does not support that demographic. They need more than an app to do this. 

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I can't stand the mobile app. It's not user friendly to me. So hard to get to where I need to be. 

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If the demise of Sears taught us anything it is that a retailer cannot resist change in everchanging times. Do I like some of the changes?  Nope.  But, I respect them.      

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I don't want to use the app because it seems that I will not be able to shop via Mr Rebates or Rakuten.

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@manny2 wrote:

They have a long way to go if they want to target millennials. The product lineup does not support that demographic. They need more than an app to do this. 

@manny2    You are so correct. Millennials are not going to shop home shopping channels. They shop online for almost everything, but not home shopping. The clothing and decor sold by the Q does not fit their lifestyles. If they want a computer or makeup or clothing they shop other sites mostly Amazon and Ulta or they go to store websites.  Mid century modern appeals to this generation I believe because it is a clean uncluttered look. And I don't believe the so called modern farm house look appeals at all to millennials, no red trucks or tin wall signs made popular by a certain HGTV personality are part of their decor.