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There's been a big push by QVC recently to switch its customers from the website to the mobile app. Apparently, the best values will only be through that platform. Today I see a push for "streaming" versions of the presentations. All this has made me aware that QVC's marketing strategy is shifting fast and whatever their target demographic is becoming, I'm clearly no longer in it.


I don't enjoy using the mobile app and find it more difficult to make selections compared to the website. And I don't want to buy a roku to see presentations; I can already presentations of items I'm interested in.


I feel I'm being gently shown the door. I understand the need for change. I'll go quietly. But after doing a significant amount of shopping here for years, I'm going to miss it.

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@KaySD I don't necessarily think so, I just think they are giving us alot more options to watch.  We have Xfinity Comcast & it lists the QVC/HSN streaming channels every so often in the channel guide.  I'm not able to watch the Q channel as often as I used to but like that I'm able to check in every so often plus like you mentioned the streaming channels are great.  For the 24 hour food show this past week the steaming channels have specific food products shown, during the 24 hour beauty shows the streaming channels will have Mally, Belle & others & during the clothes 24 hour shows the streaming channels will highlight the different clothes vendors - I really like this concept when I'm unable to watch the main channel.  I'm still learning/getting used to these options but like that they are available.

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Times are changing and QVC is no exception. The new Streaming Service is just that, "New". I think the original platform will remain but the new ways to watch on-demand is the way of the world. It's hard to adjust, but you can still watch the same you always have. 

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This is nothing new.  They've pushed that app since the day it started and many of us just aren't interested.


Streaming is supposed to be the latest marketing tool for everybody.  Mike George was singing its praises before he departed as CEO.  I've never bothered with it and I suspect others haven't either.  I even have the Roku.

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I'm not interested in an App and certainly won't be buying using my mobile device.  

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Almost all retailers are exploring additional ways to reach new customers. Certainly doesn't suggest to me that they are looking to exclude established customers.

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A lot of channels are going to streaming. Eventually (I believe) there will be no more cable TV. Cable companies will become Internet providers only, and any channel one wants to watch will be on the one of the pay for view options. Even my local channels for news etc now has its own app and also a channel called "very local" which is on one of the streaming platforms.


My problem with that is that to watch what you want you almost have to sign up for so many pay services. Watching TV is going to be so expensive!


Many of my regular TV shows have already moved to Hulu, Peacock, Paramount, You Tube TV, etc, etc. Each one of those has a fee that keeps price increasing as people get used to the "new way" of watching TV.


Home shopping networks are all struggling to get people to sit and watch. Myself included. If you look at what Q or HSN actually shows in a day it is only about 10-15 items that they present over and over all day long.


I will never ever shop by the app. Apps do not show all the info I want to see. Truthfully though, I can watch them online when I want to and not have to wait for the next presentation. One thing I have noticed recently though is QVC and HSN are not putting up the whole video of the actual presentation anymore. I find that really annoying because I want to see the presentation. I make a decision on what I see (NOT what the host is saying). I can actually see clothes on a body, or how an item (not clothes) works, is it cheap plastic or well made etc.


I honestly do not like the ways of the world. "It's 2022 Mom, get used to it" is what my adult son says.


QVC and HSN pay a lot of money for their own channels. I really do think they will move themselves either into the line up of other platforms or just not have on air presentations at all and go totally internet based. Probably sooner than we know Smiley Sad


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Re: Is QVC saying good-bye?

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@KaySD wrote:
All this has made me aware that QVC's marketing strategy is shifting fast and whatever their target demographic is becoming, I'm clearly no longer in it.


I feel I'm being gently shown the door. I understand the need for change. I'll go quietly.




If you are older, yes, you should see it.


Several years ago, QVC's previous CEO announced on two videos during a meeting with executives that QVC's target market will be Millennials.  "Youth is where it's at."


It doesn't appear some members here see the changes because every time I mention it, I get some feedback that I am totally wrong..."QVC targets older buyers," they say.  Before jumping on me declaring I am wrong, I'll answer them right now.  "Not anymore."  


QVC began selling products for women under 40 around 2 1/2 years ago.  Quite a few were specifically Millennial favorites.  They began selling Millennials favorite colors, not only in clothing, but Christmas decor, as well.  Think pink and pale blue.  More brands of jeans, one Levis, a Millennial favorite.  Would you wear very short shorts?  How about thongs and I'm not talking about shoes.  Look online to see numerous examples others just say is "change." Check all the new items coming in everyday.


Millennials' favorite interior decor styles are mid-century modern and modern farmhouse. What did QVC do?  They redesigned their kitchen in mid-century modern.  What kind of furniture is QVC selling?  Looks mid-century modern and modern farmhouse to me.  Same styles used on their sets.  Ali Carr said mid-century modern is her favorite style.  She's 38.  



Their favorite places to shop are Amazon and Target; although, they do shop elsewhere, as well.  They are not home shopping buyers.  


Their untraditional buying behavior has had retailers stumped as to how to reach them....this is why digital selling has become so huge with QVC.  


One interesting fact concerning Millennials, there are some who are more traditional shoppers, so for Forum members here who know a few, no need to tell me about them. We do have a few Millennial Forum members and I welcome them; however, the majority are not at all traditional shoppers. 


Of course, QVC wouldn't stop selling items for older buyers cold turkey.  That would be suicide.  It is a slow transition.  Increasingly less for older buyers, more for younger buyers. I see it in clothing choices, toys, baby items, etc, however, most are posted online where Millennials are more likely to shop.   We are still seeing mature clothing on-air, I suppose due to older women who like shopping from TV.


There's nothing wrong with carrying merchandise for younger buyers.  Many department stores do, but I haven't seen most of them verbally shunning their current older buyers.  As you said, "I'm gently being shown the door."  Yes, you are. 


Some industry experts think what QVC or any other retailer doing this is a huge mistake. It's alienating their current base that helped grow it into a multi-billion dollar company.  They will leave when they catch on to what QVC is doing causing a large loss of sales. 


Possibly, the best thing to do is break off now or at least slow down as you become more familiar with other retailers who welcome you... where age doesn't matter.  









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@Foxxee Your whole post is a quote?

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I purchase about 90% of my QVC and HSN purchases through their respective apps.  I've been purchasing QVC items this way for at least 5 years.  I love it. It's fast, and no website pop-ups or slow webpages.  Plus, I can add items to my cart without leaving my screen, so I don't lose my search items, and I can add multiple colors easily. 

I also stream programs and movies almost exclusively.  Every network has multiple streaming channels now -- my local news, network programs, sports, movies, etc.  QVC would be silly not to increasingly move in that direction.  They've been adding more & more streaming services and programming for the last several years, it's nothing new.  

From local antenna, to cable, to streaming.  It's 2022.