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I have received the InsideQ Magazine for many years including when I had to purchase yearly for a fee.  I still receive the magazine but having a heck of a time getting QVC to send me the copy electonically.


I get different answers everytime I call or Chat on line.  Today I got three different answers!!!! (1) Not available electronically at this time; (2) It will take 4 to 8 weeks to get; and, (3) we do not have an electronic version of the InsideQ Magazine.


So which is it QVC?  I have been with QVC since1986 and can not believe this is that difficult! and more than that....can not believe I get different answers each time I call!

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I use to get get the link emailed to me but I have not gotten that in several months.  I do get the paper mailed to me.  I would like to get the email too.

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I am reading all of this with a great deal of humor. I also have been with Q many years and order all of the time.  However, after years of receiving the Insider by mail, I, like many other people, all of a sudden did not receive it. Someone on the social team now mails it to me in a brown envelope and I receive it in the middle of the current month and therefore miss what the TSV's are the first of the month. In other words, I received April's issue last Friday. But at least I receive it. Two months ago I emailed CS to inquire how to get Insider online and the response was I had to be subscribed to the hardcopy first. GO FIGURE.

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@SurferWife wrote: QVC Social Team and they can sign you up.  The email address is:

@SurferWife wrote: QVC Social Team and they can sign you up.  The email address is:


Don't hold your breath.  I signed up a year ago and still have never received it.  On the other hand, a friend of mine who buys very little gets it and she never asked for it!

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Thanks for signing me up for the Insider magazine, Barb! I'm looking forard to it!

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Is the insider magazine free ? 

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I'd like an e-copy of the Insider.