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Re: In The Kitchen With David 1/6

@Annabellethecat  The food is still terrible that is sold as the TSV. There are so many bars that are intended to be your meal and not real food.  I tried it last year and threw most of the food away. As for me, bars should be for snacks, not as the meal.  Actually, Jenni Craig has really good food. Yes, ladies, too many Nutrisystem shows on today. Egads.

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Re: In The Kitchen With David 1/6

@comedy clubber wrote:

I totally agree about unwatchable.  And the Stacey nonsense???  Maybe I was somewhere else, but when was Nancy or Antonella's anniversary shows?  First Alberti and now Stacey.  Why not acknowledge hosts who appeal to rel world customers.  Tired of Stacey screaming and eating fries.  Just tired of Alberti period.  Sorry but I am entitled to my opinion too.

@comedy clubber


I like Alberti, but Stacey's appearance on ITKWD and occasional sampling of food just doesn't make her fit in on a kitchen/food/cooking show---she seems a square peg in a round hole.  And Stacey and David have no chemistry together!!!!  

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Re: In The Kitchen With David 1/6

I agree with all of you.   They are driving me away with hours and hours and hours of the TSV and not only that, now they show a TSV that will be Thursday TSV.  I watched during Christmas but I am really tired of the TSV over and over and over.  Time to tune out for awhile.