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Re: If it takes 6 months

I love Christmas.  


It would lose some of its specialness if I started thinking about it in June or July.


There is nothing stopping me from buying gifts any time of the year for people.  As far as buying decor items, I'm not interested in anything that bad this far away from Christmas.  

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Re: If it takes 6 months

@Junebug54 wrote:

to prepare for Christmas you're doing something wrong.   My opinion you're over buying or over decorating.   Christmas should be about family, lfriends and getting together.   I have 4 kids and spouses, 8 grands and 5 great grands..   I never start until November at the earliest and I get everything accomplished including baking.    To me starting this early takes away from the holiday..    Obviously many disagree but that is my take on it.   

@Junebug54  Congrats to you! 

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Re: If it takes 6 months

To be so bothered by TV shopping programming is what’s wrong,  and that’s just my opinion.  


I don’t need 6 months to prepare for anything.  I like sales and the ability to compare items.  When Christmas items are on, it puts me in a joyous, happy mood because I’m thinking of the real holiday.  So I can shop, and feel the benevolence of the upcoming season at the same time?  I think we need more of those good feelings in this world today.