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I noticed a few weeks ago that David no longer makes a recipe at the beginning of his ITKWD show.  Anyone know when it stopped? Or when it might start up again?  



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@greencardigan The library where I work,has his cookbooks,all very easy peacey recipies to follow.I haven't watched him much,but do enjoy his recipies

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thanks @Luvsmyfam but I was wondering when the segments stopped and if they are coming back.  Maybe he mentioned it in a livestream or something.  I'm not looking for the recipe's themselves as many are online on the Q's website or these forums. 

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That is odd that they no longer do a recipe of the day.  They are probably trying to figure out how to incorporate product into each presentation which would be wise. 

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I see that QVC has a video on their streaming channel, "David's Health Journey: Summer Dishes."  I don't know what recipes he did in the video -- haven't watched it.


Perhaps it's just one more way QVC is trying to drive viewership to their streaming channel, by moving his recipes there.