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That entire conversation went to the dogs. I'm tired of hearing Shawn whine about Joe on air. A spouse should never make comments like that. How would she feel if he spoke about her with his friends or associates? It's childish behavior and sounds very spoiled.

@BirkiLady, maybe he does. We would never know.


I didn't hear the conversation.  

@Lipstickdiva.  Maybe we're all reading the wrong message board?  Let's find out where Joe posts.  LOL.

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Re: ISAAC & SHAWn 5-16-19p

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Shawn...Shawn...Shawn....always putting her personal life "out there"....whether ON AIR or on social media....and therefore, out in the pubic forum..............Just TMI.....she always creates some drama.(whether the topic is planets/moon, cats, her life, her health, details on her daughters health etc)...I think she likes the attention it brings....


She should've just talked off the air to Isaac about this. Since he has dogs he might provide some valuable feedback about it, and doing it in private he can speak to her more honestly.  And I agree its a 20 year commitment to have a pet, and lots of care is involved in addition to caring for a toddler....And since she made it public SHE opened the door to public discussion.....



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It's part of her schtick, it makes peope feel as though they are then somewhat part of her life, even though it's far from the truth...don't like it, don't fall for it. Simple.  Don't quite ever understand why because she shares a snippet of her life that it opens the flood gates of opinions ie:  why she shouldn't get a dog.  Sheesh.

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Of course I don't know, but I get the feeling that Joe is home more than Shawn and therefore is with Jagger most of the time. To put the added responsibility on him with a dog is totally unfair. After all Jagger is still a toddler. We all know how much work and time that takes. He seems like he loves his daughter very much. If Shawn grew up with pets she should be aware of all the work, time and commitment it takes. After all she probably won't be the one taking care of the pet, unless of course it is in the bathroom while she is doing her filming.

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@arubakathy do you even know how crazy you sound to not even know this person, and assume that you would know what is best for them in their homelife, raising their child, and whatever else they do in their private life?  I also read another commentor that they know what Joe's salary's bat crazy.