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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind to our host

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I pray she does not get a dog. 

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Re: ISAAC & SHAWn 5-16-19p

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@Teddixat wrote:
’this is not a bashing comment SHWAN was talking about getting a dog but Joes not on board. Having done animal rescue I can only hope Shawn understands getting shy animal is a commitment and h less animals have always been a part of your life the last thing you should do is getting a pet when you have a toddler since the child requires 24 hour attention and unless you are willing to commit to being totally responsible don’t get a pet. I don’t do facebook so if anyone can comment on her FB page please tell her to think Long and hard before she gets a dog she is totally committed. Too many animals end in shelters because people take on a pet abc then they realize they can’t handle it.

@Teddixat.  You don't have to join or register on Facebook to comment on the page of a public figure, which Shawn is.



               @Kachina624,   Just to add a small note🌻...  we don't need a Facebook account to read a public page or public posts but we do have to sign in before we can make a comment or ask a question.    If we try to comment, the login screen is required first.


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Re: ISAAC & SHAWn 5-16-19p

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Shawn is always at QVC.  So, it would be Joe's responsibility to take care of the dog.  Unless they get an aupair for the dog.  Aupairs live in the residence.  We have dogs and have had many dogs over the years.  We love them but they require a lot of work, money and yes, emotions get high with pets, especially if they get sick or hurt or have to be put down.  Shawn is being unrealistic.  Of course, like someone stated, it seems like she gets what she wants. 

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@Equellus. I hope they do. Getting g a pet is not something anyone should do unless they are willing to make a commitment to take good care of it and especially. It to get a pet for a child who is too young to appreciate it. Also they require care and responsibility. I don’t see Shawn doing any of that. I hope Joe wins the argument. Happy to know someone in that family understands responsibility
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@BirkiLady wrote:

That entire conversation went to the dogs. I'm tired of hearing Shawn whine about Joe on air. A spouse should never make comments like that. How would she feel if he spoke about her with his friends or associates? It's childish behavior and sounds very spoiled.

@BirkiLady, maybe he does. We would never know.


I didn't hear the conversation.  

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Not long before Shawn and Joe adopted Jagger, Shawn was talking about how she wanted a dog during a show with Isaac.  Then she sort of brushed it off and jokingly said she could barely take care of herself, she couldn't take care of a dog too.  They had to have been in the adoption process when she made that comment.


Someone mentioned a nanny like it's a bad thing.  That's her business and Joe's business if she does have a nanny.  I don't know that she's ever mentioned it.  I don't know what Joe does for a living. Perhaps their schedules allow for Joe to be home with Jagger when Shawn is working and vice versa.


Shawn has said that the reason she doesn't work on the weekends anymore is so she can be home with Jagger.  So no, she's not *always* at QVC.   

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My opinion....if you decide to adopt a pet, be prepared to love and care for it!  A dog will give you unconditional love and joy if you show the dog the same.  Dogs have feelings too.  They understand much more than many think.


Sadly people get a pet only to realize they don't have time to care for it.  They want to go on vacations.  A dog requires your time and attention.  If you aren't willing to commit to daily care, please, just get a stuffed version.



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@dooBdoo.  Thanks for your comment; most everybody knows more about Facebook than me.  I'm registered but never use it.  I'm  sure you're correct.

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