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Re: I will miss Carolyn Gracie

I will miss Carolyn........I certainly wouldn't miss Gary!!


What on earth can he tell anyone about fashion????? Gez!! 


That alone says that QVC is in  trouble.....good luck

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Re: I will miss Carolyn Gracie

Qvc garden shows, and demin & co are surely missing Carolyn and her knowledge. I cant watch most of the new hosts who know nothing about gardening! What a loss


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Re: I will miss Carolyn Gracie

I can't believe QVC let Carolyn go Smiley Mad Great salesperson and personality. Why let her go of all people. There are hosts with a lot less seniority and popularity and they are still there. I guess we will never know the real reason, so unfair

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Re: I will miss Carolyn Gracie

It’s a shame that QVC let so many employees go as well as Carolyn and Dan. Someone suggested that they are close to retirement and it wouldn’t impact them as much. That’s a misguided assumption. How do you know if they are close to retirement?! There are thousands of people working well into their 70s and even 80s. It’s age discrimination on the part of QVC. Do you really think you’re going to become the go-to shopping experience for the young? You are disrespecting the audience that has supported you for 30 plus years. It’s fine to extend viewership to a more diverse audience but don’t forget who brought you to the dance.
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Re: I will miss Carolyn Gracie

ME TOO!!!!! Loved her honesty about her sizes and her explanations about fit were spot on. She always had the consumer in mind and not just selling which I find appealing. I knew when I bought from her shows what I was getting. This is so important in clothing.

no more Denim &Co. on Tuesdays and Sundays for me. I am sure Al the furor on line  over the firing will go away, but we will not forget what happened. I will have to join Facebook to keep with Carolyn. 

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Re: I will miss Carolyn Gracie

I will miss Carolyn too. She and Gary made watching one segment on QVC fun. I didn't always buy anything, but they were certainly entertaining as I started my Tuesday morning. I have drastically reduced my purchases from QVC. I have shopped this site for many years. I have reduced my purchases to maybe once a month, if at all. This is not the site I used to enjoy watching and shopping. Now all you get are hosts that are loud, way too chatty about personal issues, prices that are very high, quality issues and merchandise that I would not buy. I think QVC has lost its way. They have never given on air talent a send off when they leave or their contract has not been renewed. Not sure why they do this, but it definitely leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It's like they never existed. This is a horrible way to treat a family member. Shame on you QVC.

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Re: I will miss Carolyn Gracie

I agree, Carolyn and Gary were the best together.  Always looked forward to watching them Tuesday mornings!  Haven't watched any Denim & co shows since Carolyn was let go.

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Re: I will miss Carolyn Gracie

Carolyn knew her product sooo well and was a joy to watch.  QVC lost a valuable asset, a wealth of knowledge, a relatable host for the Denim & Co. customer.  The show will never be quite the same.

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Re: I will miss Carolyn Gracie

I think if anyone could have kept Denim and Co alive and well, it would be Carolyn.


But maybe no matter how wonderful the host, it doesn't matter because there are more problems with it and other lines on QVC than the hosts as so many have posted.


Yes of course I would love to spend  $60-$70 on a t-shirt! No.🙄


No amount of justifying, rationalizing, "prices have gone up everywhere,"

can make these prices make sense.


And for those who still love spending that, that is what makes the world go round. No need to say don't "shop" here or where do you shop?! Or "so tired of these posts."


There will always be those to defend QVC and their prices. I think QVC is hoping beyond hope that there are still those who believe a top from here is worth $70 or higher and maybe for them it is. Granted they don't have to go to a store or look at any other website.


There is a gratification of tv shopping-you saw it, you liked it, you "picked it up", "grabbed it" you are now part of the game, part of the club, the family. This marketing, once brilliant now just holding on. QVC is hoping that will last as long as possible. 


But there are other real world problems I know.

I guess I wish that someone could save what used to be so great.


There may still be good things to say about QVC-their social team-excellent bar none.Maybe put them in charge.




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Re: I will miss Carolyn Gracie

Before the layoffs I wondered why they were giving Sandra the gardening show that Carolyn always hosted.  Made no sense because obviously Sandra knew nothing about gardening and Carolyn was so informative since she was a gardener.  Always tuned in back then, not anymore.  If Q was trying to get us to get used to the change - guess what - it didn't work for me.  And watching Jane & Cortney last week with the tsv - oh my!