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I used to really enjoy watching Silver Style on Sunday mornings with Jill. 


I used to treat myself to a pretty piece of jewelry fom QVC every Christmas but

not anymore. Seeing less and less jewelry shows. Not watching much anymore.

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I also miss the way the Q used to be.  I used to play hooky from work just so I would not miss a Joan Rivers show.  The clothing lines had so much variety from so many different designers, also the custom jewelry, so many designers gone.  I would never miss a Valerie Parr Hill show, now I don't even watch her.  She used to sell the most beautiful things, I have some gorgeous glass fairy lamps I bought years ago, remember the cake candles, the dishes, etc.?  Now it seems to be all cheap plastic and those horrible cheap looking Christmas cones and the same old stuff over and over again.  The US tours for new merchandise was also wonderful.  I also miss when Phyllis George used to sell her pottery, I still have many of her pie plates.  Now it seems to be such chintzy, cheap things I could get in a Dollar store, electronics, and the same designers over and over again.  Ah, the good old days!

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I,too miss the good old days of QVC. Does anyone remember the products from Berea College in Kentucky? Valerie. Brought in the most wonderful items that the students had made and I bought several which I am still using. 

I never missed Kathy’s shows especially when she and Joan were on. The brooches were my favorite purchases. 

Also, I watched a young woman named Marlene Wyatt from Arkansas during the 50 in 50 tour sell a product called The No-Mess Dough Disc. I remember it well because I bought one and use it every time I make a pie. I believe they’re sold now at other retailers. I had to look up Marlene’s last name , but for some reason I remembered her first. 

So many of the things that I liked and bought back then were made in this county and now it seems that most things are imported from China. I’m also still using my Nesco which was made in Wisconsin, I believe. 

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I also miss the old QVC -- but these days, QVC caters to a different, younger audience.  An audience that doesn't expect quality.  An audience that would rather be shouted at than talked to calmly.  I've grown older (gasp!) and I don't deal with the change very well.

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It's been boring  with not much new for many years. Hate to bring this up, but since Lisa Robertson left, it's .gone down hill with awful hosts.

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I don't think the QVC audience is younger at all.  I think they're still catering to an older audience.  I don't know any young people who even know what QVC is.  My 30 year old niece and her friends certainly don't.  The QVC audience is 55 and up.  QVC knows this.

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@NickNack wrote:

I don't think the QVC audience is younger at all.  I think they're still catering to an older audience.  I don't know any young people who even know what QVC is.  My 30 year old niece and her friends certainly don't.  The QVC audience is 55 and up.  QVC knows this.

I agree with you @NickNack, QVC knows the majority of their base is around the 50ish range, and up. 


Although I am not nostalgic for Tiffany lamps, huge Marie Osmond dolls, or the QVC lottery game (I wasn't actually watching QVC to see this game, or whatever it was), I do prefer hosts that have a sense of decorum.  Not sedate or facts only please, but a way of approaching each presentation without obvious textbook manic sales approaches.


Everything today is based on extremely short attention spans. People read headlines only and not the actual full article.  TV sitcoms have become mostly horrible, with a laugh track for every comment said, instead of actually building funny scenes or situations. 


Now, TV sales is about grabbing you by the throat, figuratively speaking, so you won't turn your attention to something else since we are usually multi-tasking.


Today's QVC is not unlike so much else that has opted for speed and frenzy, and left some of the poise and dedication by the side of the road.

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I have started checking other on line stores and found same products for a lot less with shipping and excessive handling /taxes..Example Serta Dual Support Orthopedic & Gel Memory Foam Pet Bed was $35 less @ Sams Club.

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@BalletBabe wrote:

@I am appleblossom wrote:

QVC has become very mod and caters to the young in fashions.  Even the hosts do not dress classicly they wear jeans and jeans and...,.  They have no one that can match Lisa Robertson's presence in manners, and in social graces and in styling. Sorry  to see this happen.

@I am appleblossom   I disagree.  I think Sandra Bennett is just as beautiful and classy as LR was. Courtney another beautiful host.  

I tend to think that while there are other pretty hosts, there isn't, in my opinion, another that has Lisa's 'stage presence' and certainly there aren't any that have as solid a TV speaking voice as she had. That said, even before she left I was tuning out a lot more because of the merchandise. I did often watch her shows because I found her enjoyable despite the merchandise and there isn't a single current host that will draw me just to see what might be on. At the end of the day, it's the merchandise that has driven me away, though the current norm in presentation style doesn't help draw me in at all.

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Finally remembered my password so I can post again...I used to love the special holiday events...all day jewelry for every budget...all day beauty...all day for the it’s today’s special value that lasts for hours at a time, every time I tune in, it’s that blink doorbell....the overkill killed any desire to buy that product.