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I actually like Kerstin the few times I see her. Probably don’t watch enough to have a feel for Alberti (if I had to choose, I currently would say he seems a bit phony at the beginning talk they do, but seems competent with the products.). But, my biggest complaint about the show in general is that one host would be doing a perfectly fine job with the vendor on the presentation, but then the 2nd host has to walk on and join them. Why??
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I, I , I

Me, me, me

Watch me do yoga for a completely unrelated reason.

She’s absolutely unwatchable for me. Love Alberti but Q2 is what gets my Saturday morning viewing if I’m home.
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@spider woman wrote:

Two hosts who turn me off and I will leave it at that.


Yep.  They turn me off and I return the favor.   Buh-bye. 

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I tried watching their show once and never went back.  I really don't care for either of them.

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I switched over to Q when there was a commercial on the basketball game I was watching.  I saw Alberti flopping on a bed and then cue to Kirsten who was selling a magnifying mirror.


Next thing, Alberti was in the shot as they were showing a hair that Kirsten pulled out of her face and giggling like children.  TALK ABOUT GROSS!!!

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@BlueFinch @jlrbr  I'm really dating myself here but when I was young I got the job of going outside and "spinning" the antenna to get the best reception on the one of our three channels we wanted to watch.  Everyone in the house would yell "stop, right there!


Ah, good times lol! 

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Re: I love Kirsten

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@yellow919 wrote:

@AmyRose wrote:

Kirsten looks at herself in the monitor too often.  Reminds me of a former host.....

I see a lot of hosts do this, I believe they are looking at the monitor to make sure customes can see what they are showing. I doubt they are looking at themselves lol  Especially jewelry they want to make sure the angle is right.  At least that is my opinionSmiley Happy  But then again if you have a job like this maybe you do like looking at yourself lol



Your right! From what one of the host said on air---there's two monitors one shows the current camera shot viewers are seeing at home.....and the second monitor shows whats coming up...either a camera close-up of an item, or the product coming up next......So the hosts are NOT checking themselves out....Woman LOL

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Re: I love Kirsten

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i like her too and cannot watch alberti ever. but dont have to worry since i barely and rarely watch any shopping channels.

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@MrSour wrote:

I agree Kirsten is very attractive

I think there are several hosts at the Q who are a lot more attractive— and more humble about it as well. JMHO.

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@LoveMeSomeQVC You totally cracked me up this morning.  


I was the one who adjusted the darn antenna on top of the TV, and added more, or less aluminum foil, that never helped, but thankfully didn't have to go outside.


I did think we were Royal, when we finally had a rooftop antenna, that worked pretty good.   


Looking back, those were some fun times, though. I swear there was more laughter during those years, than in my 4K TV days.