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I agree Kirsten is very attractive

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I avoid Saturday morning Q like the plague.  Can't stand either of them.

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@IG Oh that nasty shag carpet!! Thank God I only had three channels to be ordered to flip through
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She loves a mirror 😳
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I think Kirsten is an excellent host, but I don't care for her"way" and don't watch her for very long. I don't mind Alberti as long as he isn't selling womens underwear. QVC needs to put a check on all this "in your face" stuff from these hosts.

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I think Alberti is great. 


That's all I can say about Saturday Morning Q, which means I do not watch most of it.

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Kirsten looks at herself in the monitor too often.  Reminds me of a former host.....

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Re: I love Kirsten

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@danedylan wrote:

4 me just the opposite--luv luv luv Alberti--he's warm & genuine--change the channel when Kirstin is on--marynj

@danedylan  I agree with you .... I can’t stand Kerstin



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Not me - she is on way too much and personality tough to watch that I need a break.  QVC also needs to stop having same hosts same shows at same time every day/week and also naming the shows after a particular host....way too much air time for Kirsten, Alberti, David, Shawn and Koutney K......maybe it's this time I watch but feels like every time I watch its Groundhog Day with the same hosts/same brands...really need more variety on both

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@Kachina624 wrote:

I avoid Saturday morning Q like the plague.  Can't stand either of them.

Same goes for me.