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I agree I also like Alberti but cannot stand Kirstin. I think she is a show off and loves to talk over the vendors. I also change the channel when she is on.

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Just the opposite. She is about my least fav. 

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Kirsten could leave any day now. I cant stand her.
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When she is selling that flex belt😱she pulls the front of her pants down so low, it's like soft porn! It's disgraceful I don't know how the q allows it!

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@Kelsey1995, I noticed that once too a while back and I wondered why QVC allowed it. Believe me, I am not a prude and I readily admit I am so NOT a fan of Kerstin, but this (how very low her pants were) was almost beyond the bounds of decency. IMO!👎👎
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Don't care for her or Alberti.   Don't watch QVC that much any longer...

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Love means spelling the name of the object of your affection correctly.

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To Johnny Eager.  Who cares if I spelled Kirsten's name wrong  are you always correct, good for you. I spelled your name correctly. That is how much I dislike her I didnot take the time to spell her name correctly.

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I agree fully Kirsten is so full of herself shes constantley looking at herself in the monitors, poor girl shes absessed with herself.

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Cannot watch her either!