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@kagey wrote:
But not an Alberti fan. His nasal voice is grating. Cant watch.

I agree.  I don't watch Saturday morning Q anymore, miss David, Kirsten and David were great together.

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to sum up how I feel about them and their behavior -


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Oh the foil and rabbit ears!! Adjusting that antenna!! And all for only 3 channels that went off at 11pm
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@kagey  Not a fan of Kirsten, and Alberti talks at warp speed - so I skip both of so many others. I find that I rarely watch, or shop QVC anymore for various reasons, but poor hosting is the main reason. Every once in a while I'll check their website.

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I love Kirsten, and I love Alberti!❤️❤️

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@kagey Why do you feel the need to call someone out.  

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They are both narcissists and I can't watch either of them.  

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Kirsten is a definite channel-changer for me!!! She just seems so full of herself (IMO). I enjoy watching Alberti, though!!
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I can't watch Kirsten for a minute ever!

That's how we roll in the shire..
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I asked myself if when I was her 'age', did I act like that... self centered and all ie me, me, me, me....only me.  Look at me!!... I really cannot recall that far back but gosh, she is always the center of attention on every show. I am not fond of the 'seckual' display either...not attractive at any age for shopping.... (for me anyway) It's sad really.

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