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By what stretch of the imagination is a 5 piece duster set considered a "great gift"?

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Depends on the recipient.  I like to get practical gifts.

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Only if a housekeeper comes with it!!  Haven't these dusters been around for years?  I remember buying one from HSN about 25 years ago.

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Well I'm probably one of those weird people who would actually like it.Smiley Very Happy

I like to have great things to clean with but I would rather have the fuller brush one (which I got long ago and still like it but not sure how to clean it aside from "shaking it off" and dust clings so well, it doesn't really come off!

I just try to clean it with a glove. I love it for cleaning fans and ceilings.

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I have that set....bought it long ago..and bought one for my sil ...for a just because gift...they are great to have use mine all the time...


I see nothing wrong calling it a great gift because it is....

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I think maybe the "gift" is in the eye of the beholder . . . for me, I would love to receive things that would help me throughout the day whether it be cleaning products or maybe a gift card to a restaurant so I don't have to think about dinner . . . anything to make cleaning easier for me is pretty much on the top of my list as if the budget allows I can fill in the rest . . . Smiley Happy

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Goes with the vacuum cleaner       LOL

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Also goes with the gift pack of Scrub Daddies.


I think gifts should be thoughtful - but fun.  Any that helps me clean is not fun.

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I purchased these for myself about 5 years ago.  They still are in great shape.  I love that I do not have to climb on a step ladder to dust high places.  This year I bought them for my DIL and my GDIL.   With 2 under 2 it will save so much time dusting high vaulted ceilings and shelves and safely keeping both feet on the floor.  My DIL has many high shelves and lights that she has to use a stool to reach.   They will appreciate these.  I also have gotten them personal products they have been talking about.   I just might put both spouses names on the tags.   ;-). Our men love a good chuckle.

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The same imagination that QVC has to suggest a bra as a gift Woman LOL I've heard of practical presents but come on....

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