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Antonella was a loyal host to the end.  She had serious health concerns (cancer) and was coming to work sick.  So how was she rewarded?  QVC let her go.  That should have been the wake-up call for all the long-time hosts on QVC. Lisa Robertson was smart and left before they could do it to her!

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I've been a customer of the Q for a long time but for the last couple of years didn't buy as much! I just recently started back and tried to catch Carolyn's shows because she always gave sizes and told you so much about the product. The younger hosts don;t really give info they think their at a "girls party". So thank you QVC for giving me a reason to stop watching again!!! Letting Carolyn go is a HUGE mistake! Sorry Carolyn we will all miss you!!!

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 They gotta be flat out of their minds if they think young people will put up with the shipping delays and problems with returns! There's no way in the world - they're used to Amazon. They're not going to patronize a business that takes weeks (or more) to ship a product!


 They better remember who their customers are.........

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@Pook wrote:

The future for any business lies with the younger generations since the older ones will not be around forever!  They more than likely have already seen sales drop because of that!  I know many younger women who have started shopping here since they are now bringing in products of interest to them.  Gone are the days of collectibles, decorating stuff,  way too conservative clothing, high elastic waist pants and boxy tops that many of the older women bought.  I do not buy because of any host/sales person but for the products. 

Younger women coming to QVC!!!! LOL, don't make me laugh.  I asked my granddaughter who is 30 years old if she would buy from QVC and I believe she is still laughing.

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@Moonbeam55 wrote:

This is also my first post ever on this forum .

That is how upset I am over the way QVC treats its employees .

I have not been shopping much at all lately .

I am going cold turkey and will not shop with them anymore .

They are not the company they once were .

I have had so many problems with deliveries , returns , credits , etc .  

Customer service is awful.

I totally Agree. I destroyed my Q card.


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Maybe QVC is thinking they will rely on the shopaholics who "shop" for the products, not because the hosts are their friends, as these buyers always like to say they are not.


I always think saying "I shop" sounds so strange. I mean this isn't a grocery store but maybe the constant buying is the same to some.


As for younger buyers, my millenial and Gen X kids still laugh or roll their eyes about me and my QVC years. Or they look at me like a deer in the headlights. They are all Amazon.


I don't know how a CEO and corporate could be so misdirected in thinking they will win younger viewers enough to replace so many viewers that they had or once had!

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@Janey2 wrote:

@teachgrd3 @Treated like how? You have no idea what happened. 

Not hard to figure out why.  Especially if you have worked for a corporation.

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I know that the departures were sudden and unexpected. We all are aware of that. Carolyn and Dan have been devoted and longtime hosts and deserved to have been more respectful endings to their careers. 


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Their sales were already dropping. With QVC’s prices, it’s hard to believe they aren’t making enough money.
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I agree, and QVC won't let us discuss our opinions on the new hosts.