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Re: I WOULD LIKE TO SEE.........

Would like to see D&C buyer consider making a heavenly jersey fabric button front shirt in solid colors like black, navy, red for next Fall/Winter. I purchased two of these shirts for current seasons and love them, about all I wear. One is plaid, the other floral. Therefore would like to see a solid color offered.

Would also like to see more D&C 100% cotton gauze. Raise the price, if necessary, but bring back more 100% cotton gauze for Spring/Summer.

Not clothing related but for next Holidsy Season would like a L'Occitane TSV with an offering in almond scent. Last year there was an auto delivery offering of L'Occitane which has now ended, hoping that type of offering is repeated this year.
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Re: I WOULD LIKE TO SEE.........

I would like to see more hosts like me! Not a size 0/2, not a 30-something model, but looking for some fun, fashionable clothes, items that make life easier and some great beauty products that aren't a waste of money after you buy them and they don't work.


I like it when the hosts/vendors share their life/family stories, the laughter and silliness. Life is hard, buying a shirt should be easy and fun Smiley Happy


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Re: I WOULD LIKE TO SEE.........

@Shanus wrote:

@KatCat1 wrote:

clothing programs with mix and matching of the clothes in the collection.  It would probably be helpful to women knowing what they can put together and what colors go together nicely and the host and vendor may have fun doing it.  How about you?  What would you like to see?  Cat Very HappyHeart  I know they do it a little bit of matching but not enough for me.  I want to be entertained when I am spending my money.  lol



@KatCat1  Some of the lines like Denim & Co. and the TSV today has a matching top. SG and Linea seem to have matching pieces. For the most part, I enjoy wearing/purchasing separates that work with pieces already in my wardrobe. 

This is strange but have you noticed that there's absolutely no cross-reference to matching pieces?  If you buy a shirt and know there's a matching pant, there's no way to find and buy it unless you just get lucky.  That happened to me last summer when I bought a Quacker shirt but couldn't access the matching cropped pants.  Finally a poster who'd bought it came up with the item number.  By then it was sold out, and, although I stalked it, none in my size ever became available.  Common sense should be to list the item numbers of coordinates, not a complicated concept.  You'd think they didn't want to sell these clothes.  QVC's poor search function is useless in trying to find many things.

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