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I am convinced that the past half dozen wait list items I have received ARE NOT NEW - BUT RETURNED ITEMS. I always wondered - waitlist is good for 45 days which gives somebody enough time to receive and return - they dust it off and send it out again.

Today is December 17th, and I have one Stainless Steel piece I would like to purchase - not taking much of a chance, as long as it is Made in Italy not China - much better quality - then I think I am done after 15 years with "THE Q" - you watch it and it's like a deer caught in headlights and NOTHING is ever as good as it appears to be on TV - especially jewerly - always smaller in person???? Except for the recent Lori Grenier Spinning Cosmetic Organizer I got - I watched the presentation and it showed all the same makeup I use fitting into the slots - so since it was not going to be made anymore I ordered -THE THING IS HUGE and does not hold one piece of my makeup...back it went.

Happy Holidays to Everybody