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I Do not like to start a thread about a Host..However Nancy, Fix the straps,Stop fibbing and ...Be Prepared

This is a very rare thing forMe to complain about what a host is wearing, saying, their demeanor, etc..etc..So, here is my official complaint, LOL, I turned on the Q half way thru the Silver show (2-3am) and Nancy made So many mistakes describing the jewelry with Domonique, had to Constantly be corrected from the Guest and if She had Fiddled with Her Bra straps or bent over so Obviously to show off the cleavage to show necklaces I was going to run and be Ill.

She just rambles on, makes No sense, does Not know the info on items the first time, tonight just Told about the Bra straps and Duct tape. PLEASE stop the Madness QVC.

I know what I will hear from reading other Posts,,,just change the channel. Well, I am amused right now at the ignorance and lack of class in this particular host and I am in a Hormonal bad mood so I will watch until I laugh and scream at the TV.

Last thing, the TSV she described as Tahitian black pears being the BEST and rarest, NOT true. I have three strands of Real true Black pears inherited from a grandmother..Not from South Seas of Tahiti..And I never wash my pearls with hand soap as was describer by Nancy. I only wipe with a soft cloth. Mine are the Real deal, not being bratty but just giving the True info, Japanese Akoya Black pearls...Google it. And 1/10th of diamonds, Please!!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

Thanks for letting me vent. Sorry but had to do it JMO