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I can't figure out what he had done. Blue contacts.... A lot more hair.......face lift?
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He's kinda getting that scary, clown face.  So sad when we can't accept ourselves just the way we are.

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I missed his presentation on April 3rd. I figured that he would be doing presentations like he did in Evine, staying for at least three days, but no. If anyone watched him, did he mention when he would be back? Thanks.


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@PinkDogwood wrote:

I think it's very odd how folks like Dmetri swear they don't have any work done on themselves when we see them on tv selling their facial creams, lotions, peels, oils and clearly we can see a noticeable difference.


These differences did not happen over night with their own products yet they tell us their stuff is all they use and 'just look what my stuff can do for you!'. It is not at all believeable.


Mr Skinn Dmetri looks awful and continues to do so every time I see him. Sometimes I see him and he just looks like a dog in Wayne Newton clothes.

@PinkDogwood   To say anyone looks like  a dog is so rude.  How would you like someone to say such a thing about you? Think about it. 

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I don't need to think about it, it's true in many ways @SeaMaiden